Orphism: Cult of Dionysus, Mystery Religion, Orphic Egg, Phanes, Esotericism, Cosmogony & Afterlife

Ever watch Jason and the Argonauts? Remember Orpheus, the musician? Just so happens that in Ancient Greece, there was an esoteric, mystery school bearing his name. When considering secret societies, and mystery rites, Orphism is at the nexus point, preceding that Pythagoreans, the Elysian Mysteries, and interestingly foreshadows Christianity within its lore.

We can answer many questions we’d never think to ask by studying Orphism. For instance, what did the ancient western world think of reincarnation? What is the Orphic egg? Why has history reoccurring used this symbol for different traditions? Who is Orpheus? Did he really exist?

Some Sources:

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