Zodiac signs as Barbie life in the dream house moments

This is based off of research. Also most of these are stereotypical! So if you don’t relate that’s ok…if you want a reason why I put your zodiac where it is I’m glad to reply to your comment! I had a lot of fun making this 🙂

Also, here’s my take on what all the characters zodiac signs are…pls tell me ur opinions in the comments to have discussions :0

Barbie: Libra
Skipper: Aquarius
Stacey: Virgo
Chelsea: Leo
Raquelle: Leo
Ken: Capricorn/Libra
Summer: Aries/Sagittarius
Teresa: Pisces/Cancer
Ryan: Aries
Nicki: Aries/Gemini
Midge: Cancer
Closet: Scorpio

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